What Does a NHL Lockout Mean?

What does an NHL lockout mean? You might be asking yourself this question from time to time. A lockout is not something bad because it is just a symptom of a problem. We will let you know more about a lockout mean so you can understand what this stuff is all about.

A lockout is just a kind of strike, but it is a mild one. The owners of the teams don’t lose a lot of money because they don’t have to pay players a red cent. They will get their money back later on and they are truly happy about it. So you should not worry a lot about things like that these days. Coaches will get paid but others will just line up work. The NFL also has a contract with NBC but the owners of the teams don’t worry about it.

You know, some owners of the teams happen to own NBC which is truly awesome. So a lockout is not such a big deal for them in the long run. The problem happens to be in the labor negotiations. When things go wrong, people tend to use a lockout just to make things happen. You have to understand human nature and you will be on the safe side. The players and the team owners just need to put their agendas in the right places so that they can make things happen in this arena these days as well.

Why Did It Happen?

One of the problems is mistrust. Players don’t get what they want but they just mistrust the owners. They don’t believe in the owners, and they just want the money. But the owners are not stupid and they just want to pay less and less money so they can get the most out of their investments. Both parties don’t want to agree on something good for each one of them and the lockout ensues right away. These negotiations just happen for months, and you will hear a lot about them because things might turn out to be quite ugly over time.


1981 MLB strike. This was MLB`s fourth strike which lasted 50 days. – 1982 NFL strike. The strike lasted for 2 months. – 1987 NFL strike. The dispute over free agency made this problem break out. – 1994 NHL strike. This was the second strike in the history of the NHL. – 1994 MLB strike. This strike canceled the World Series too. – 1998 NBA strike. This was a major strike lasting 204 days. – 2004 NHL strike. This was the worst stoppage in the history of the NHL. This lockout lasted for 310 days as well.
A lockout is a problem that people can deal with. They tend to negotiate a lot because both parties have a deep problem. This issue has a financial nature most of the time and you have to understand this. They just want to get rid of the problem right away. We have also talked about the history of the lockouts in the world of sports in America.